Why are you on earth?

Are you one of the magical few who think that life is about giving – about not only making a difference, but being a difference?

Are one of the thinkers? 

As you observe the world, you see a lot of craziness, and know we can all be and do better?

Do you think life is less about consuming and taking up space – and more about making a contribution?

Do you want to make a difference?

Then the book I’m about to share will have meaning for you…

You have what it takes to be among the change agents, who merely need a slight boost to kick into overdrive – to step into your own creative expression.

This is why I want to share this life-altering book.  No, it is not enough to call it a book – it is a way of thinking, acting, giving and sharing

  • If you think there is more to life…
  • If you believe you can and should make a difference…
  • You know you have unrealized potential you are ready to ignite…

Then this is for you.  It’s called…

Your Karmic Footprint

Don’t let the title fool you, its not about karma and past lives – it’s about now and the impact you are having on the world.

You are creating the circumstances of your life – with every thought, with every breath, with every word, with every action, and, yes, with every footprint you leave behind.

But look at the big picture…

If you are doing this for yourself – you are doing it for the planet, too.

This will either thrill you, or scare you – maybe some of both.

The fact is…

Your thoughts and feelings are creating your destiny

Here are some of the interesting perspectives you’ll find in Your Karmic Footprint

  • How thoughts and feelings are real things
  • What is the nature of your personality – is there more to you?
  • Your personal on-board computer
  • How your consciousness is aligned
  • What kind of karmic footprint you should have

These ideas and many others you will find refreshing and energizing…

Are you ready?

The goal is to change the way you look at the world and give you some easy to understand tools to use.  The key is to guide you on your own personal journey of discovery. 

This is not telling you what to think and do –

but how to change your thinking to change your life.

Explore, too, how to express the exciting and dynamic person you know you are…  Personal transformation is not about becoming someone you are not, it is about fully unleashing your personal power, authority and creativity.

Get an insight into…

  • Finding and breaking patterns of behavior
  • Reprogramming the subconscious
  • Why gossip should be eliminated
  • What your car means to you
  • How to make good choices
  • Understand glamour and self-illusion
  • And much more…

After all, we want you to have such a grand and glorious impact on the world – and to do this you must open the doors within you to your strength and potential. 

It’s time for you to change the world – starting with you?

Get your copy today…

What are you waiting for?

  • Discover the secrets to living harmlessly.
  • Tools to help you identify your mission.
  • Assess the state of your current karmic footprint.

Don’t wait for your future any longer…

Live your potential and create your future today…

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Your Karmic Footprint – How Thoughts and Feelings Create Destiny

by Steve Kellogg

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